How To Cut Bias Binding The Easy Way

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Grab a 1/2 yard of fabric and join me as I show you step-by-step, the easy way to cut bias binding strips. The strips will be pre-mitered so there will be no marking or trimming later! It’s like magic…

Remove the selvages from a ½ yard cut of fabric.

Trim the Selvages

Unfold the fabric and lay it on a cutting mat with the wrong side facing up.

Fabric Layout

Take the bottom right hand corner of the fabric and bring it up to meet the top edge of the fabric forming a triangle. Make sure the top edges are even.

Folding Binding 1

Take the top left hand corner and bring it down toward the middle of the fabric until…

Folding Binding 2

… the edges meet in the middle.

Folding Binding 3

Rotate the fabric until it lays horizontal on a mat line.

Rotate Fabric

Using a Rotary Cutter and a 24 1/2″ long Creative Grids Ruler, cut off approximately 4 inches from the point to clean cut the fabric and remove the section that is too small to use for binding. (It does not have to be exactly four inches…just eyeball it and cut!)

Binding First Cut

Next, rotate your cutting mat or walk around to the other side of the table and cut a 2 ½” strip from where you just clean cut. Be sure to line up the ruler both on the edge of the fabric and along the fold at the top, as indicated by the pink lines, so the strips will be straight and accurate.

Binding 8 with pink lines

BONUS! The strip will already be mitered (cut on the 45 degree angle).

Cut 2 ½” strips from the remaining fabric all the way across the unusual folded shape of the fabric until…

Cut Across Fabric

… you have approximately 4 inches of fabric left. (It is too small to use for binding)

Last Strip

A few of the strips might look like “Daddy’s tie” and not have a perfect miter. (Usually 1-2 strips)

Unusual End

Fix the ends by lining up the diagonal line (45 degree line) on a 5 ½” Creative Grids square ruler with either the top or bottom edge of the strip and cut. The bias strips are now ready to be sewn together into binding.

Fixing The Ends

NOTE: You may want to wait to fix “Daddy’s Tie” until you are joining strips together and know which way you need them to point….

10 Responses to “How To Cut Bias Binding The Easy Way”

  1. janeNo Gravatar says:

    This seems to be the best I’ve ever seen Haven’t tried it yet – but it looks so

    Thanks – Blessings to you

  2. AliceNo Gravatar says:

    This looks good. I’ve been looking at videos and instructions on cutting bias binding for 1-1/2 hours. Yours looks easiest and comprehensive. Thanks

  3. Vickie HarrisNo Gravatar says:

    I can’t type today: What happen when you get to the other end with the side hanging over the fold? How do you know where to cut it?

  4. going batty!No Gravatar says:

    I know the shape looks weird but you just need to keep making vertical cuts all the way across:)

  5. BrendaNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome…couldn’t figure it out myself ….was easier than I was doing….

  6. Lee MontgomeryNo Gravatar says:

    If I want longer strips, should I start with a bigger piece of fabric than 1/2 yard?

  7. Lee MontgomeryNo Gravatar says:

    Never mind about the width of the material! Got that figured!

  8. going batty!No Gravatar says:

    Perfect:) Have fun finishing your project!

  9. Sandy FranceNo Gravatar says:

    I cut my strips, now I have to sew them together to make one long piece so, the mitered ends have to be cut off. I have never make bias strips before but there is no way to sew these mitered ends together to make them come out in one long strip without cutting them 90 degrees. . . . unless I am missing something.
    Cutting was great though!

  10. going batty!No Gravatar says:

    Each of the strips get sewn together at the mitered ends. The cutting is great with this technique because all of the strips end up pre-mitered for you and no trimming is needed. To join them find two strips that when laid right sides together, the miters point is opposite directions (like 2 bunny ears sticking up). Rotate the top strip until the 2 mitered angles line up and the strips form an “L” shape. Offset the mitered ends so there is a 1/4″ “dog ear” beyond the edge of the strips. Sew them together with a 1/4″ seam. If they are offset correctly your needle will enter and exit the “v” shape between the two strips. Joining with a miter keeps the strip bias all the way through and spreads the bulk of the joining seam. If you cut the ends at a 90 degree angle the strip will not be bias in those areas. Let me know if you need any more help or pictures:) Once you see it you will have an “aha” moment and will never do bias binding any other way.

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