Invest in the Best from the Start – Aurifil Thread for Piecing

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I have oodles of sewing threads. It seems my thread inventory has superseded the surplus of my overstocked cosmetics! As I stare into this crater of glorious cotton fiber, I hear a resounding choir singing, Invest in the best from the start.

The sewing industry has discovered the importance of using quality threads in the combination with needles and fabric. These three components must play together for the best professional outcome. Are you confused in knowing which thread to use for each sewing technique? You are not alone. There are a plethora of quality thread choices. The most abundant brand for piecing in my supply is: Aurifil Thread.

Over the years, I gravitated to this luxurious Mako-Cotton thread which comes from Milan, Italy – and worth every penny. By the way, my Italian-made shoes have never steered me wrong.

What is Mako Cotton?
• Very fine cotton spun from extra long staple Egyptian fiber
• The highest-grade cotton = Top Quality

Aurifil 50-wt/2ply is my favorite thread to use for piecing quilts. I love how Aurifil differentiates their various thread lines with a certain color on each cone. The Aurifil 50-wt/2ply thread is wrapped around the orange colored cones. I am joined with many quilters who quickly learn the reasons why Aurifil thread is the best piecing thread:

• The 50-wt/2ply thread is a perfect weight for melting the thread into the seams of our cotton fabrics
• Virtually no-lint factor – visible on cone and after machine use when cleaning under stitch plate
• Very smooth and strong (extra long staple cotton provides a longer, smoother twist)
• No nubs or lumps or slubs (a soft uneven section in yarn or thread)
• Over 200 solid color choices and over 30 variegated color choices

Aurifil is definitely one of the best sewing threads in the market and an excellent consumer choice. I enjoy sharing my sewing research, and learning the conclusions of my fellow sewing enthusiasts.

Let’s give a holler out there for the quilters who use Aurifil thread for piecing. Whoo-hoo!

Jennifer J. Boyd©2010, with use rights to Going Batty Quilt Shop

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